HAZOP is a HAazard and OPerability study. This is a structured and systematic examination of a complex planned or existing process and operations, in order to identify and evaluate problems that may create risks to personnel or equipment. The intention of performing a HAZOP is to review the design and engineering or processes issues that may otherwise not have been found.

HAOP.EU is a renown leader, proof-tested at working in extremely difficult environments, both onshore and offshore. We have major operations set up in some of the EASTERN EUROPE most important oil and gas, pharmaceutical and chemical applications.


Hazardous areas

A complete range of services, related to hazardous areas classification, full hazardous areas presence report, risk assesment.

HAZOP study

Hazop study and services. SIL assesment, SIL verification. SIL design and consultation services. SRS design and report.


ATEX consultations and trainings. Process and human safety in potentially hazardous areas. Technical inspection.

Trace heating

For pipes and vesels heating applications. Solutions for frost stop, heating up. Design, bills of materials, supply.

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