World Congress on Petroleum Processing, Petrochemistry and Chemical Engineering

Theme: Straddling the gap between miles & milestone

Conference Series seeks your gracious presence at this colossal congregation of the world of Chemical Sciences at the “World Congress on Petroleum Processing, Petrochemistry and Chemical Engineering’’ during November 09-10, 2018, at Birmingham, Alabama, USA. Petroleum Processing 2018 is being organized with the theme of: Straddling the gap between miles & milestone.

Petroleum Processing 2018 assures its attendees of a platform, perfect for the exchange and sharing of invaluable knowledge, research findings and experiences that can happen with clarity as that of a crystal. Basics-new & old, emerging technologies, their “know-hows” and their impact on the present scenario of the Petroleum industries are some of the few knowledges that can be noted under the “to-be-gained-in-conference” list. Explore & Experience the words and beyond the lines from the notable speakers’ presentations, exhibition desks and posters-all related to the minutes of the concerned fields of the colloquium.

The conference is going to include prompt Keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster presentations, Workshops, Symposiums and Exhibitions.

Petroleum refineries generally converts much of the barrel of crude oil into transportation fuels which is economically practical. Refineries produce many profitable products such as the transportation fuel gasoline, turbine (jet) fuels, diesel and the light heating oils. These are counted as the high-volume profitable products of refineries. Petroleum refining begins with distillation or fractionation of crude oils into separate hydrocarbon groups. The characteristics of the crude oil reflects in the resultant product. Most of the distillation products are further converted into useful products by changing the size and structure of the hydrocarbon molecules through cracking, reforming and other conversion processes.

Crude oils are basically classified as naphthenic, paraffinic or aromatic based on the predominant proportion of similar hydrocarbons. Mixed – base crudes have varying amounts of each type of hydrocarbon. Refinery crude base stocks consist mixtures of two or more different crude oils.

Conferences are some of best times to meet and get inspired by scientists & inventors globally.