SIL Validation

SIL Validation

SIL Validation

Why do a Validation and IEC 61511 requirements?

Validation is the last activity to be done ON-SITE prior to putting the installed and commissioned SIS into an operating environment. All SIFs need to be validated. By doing validation on site, following end-to-end testing, it will help verify that all components, including application program are functioning in a manner that meets the intent of the approved Safety Requirements Specification [SRS]. Post validation, the SIFs are handed over to the operation and maintenance team. Validation is often misunderstood as ‘successful commissioning’ but it is NOT.

As per IEC 61511-1, 3.2.86, Validation is confirmation by examination and provision of objective evidence that the particular requirements for a specific intended use are fulfilled.

Simplified approach to validation

We believe in “thorough and end-to-end validation” and hence are cautious about the ACTUAL TIME required to conduct validation post installation and commissioning of the SIS. This is crucial because due to plant start-up requirements validation tends to get rushed through, more so if other disciplines are behind schedule. To add, last minute changes that may have happened during installation and commissioning of the SIS are difficult to address during actual validation.


We strongly focus on pre-validation preparation [scope, plan, timing, parties involved, etc…], intimation of the validation dates to the customer, equipment and facilities required on site for actually conducting the validation, reporting of the findings and follow-up [if required by the customer].

How can we help?

HAZOP.EU engineers are professionals (certified and competent) having wealth of industry knowledge and experience not only in process/functional safety lifecycle implementation but in connecting domains like: project management, engineering design, control system integration, EPC, PMC, Site activities, etc….

We have the required skills that will help ensure a robust validation is performed and the know-how to address any changes to the SIS during validation testing so as to be sure that the changes do not impact functional safety requirements specified and approved in the SRS.

To discuss how HAZOP.EU can assist your organisation in conducting SIL Validation, please do not hesitate to contact HAZOP.EU for an informal, confidential conversation.