ATEX[1] & DSEAR[2] Audit Tool has been developed by HAZOP.EU to help clients understand where their processes, facilities and/or operations are in comparison the ATEX legislation (EU) and DSEAR Regulations (UK) and to determine compliance gaps which need to be filled to obtain the minimum requirements of both these Explosive Atmosphere Regulations. ATEX/DSEAR Audit Tool is derived from:

  • The ATEX legislation (EU) and DSEAR Regulations (UK).
  • The Approved Codes of Practice (ACOP) for ATEX 153 (EU) Legislation (99/92/EC) and DSEAR (UK) Regulations L138.
  • Nearly 20 years of Explosive Atmosphere legislative compliance support including ATEX & DSEAR auditing, assessment and CAPEX & OPEX project experience and knowledge in the UK & EU.
Explosion protection document

ATEX & DSEAR (DSEREX) Audit Tool has a significant number of inputs on the following auditable elements:

  • Identification of Dangerous Substances.
  • ATEX/DSEAR/Explosion Protection Document (EPD).
  • Hazardous Area Classification
  • Control of Ignition Hazards
  • Risk Assessment & Basis of Safety
  • Organisational, Prevention and Protection Measures
  • Training & Competency

Using the elements provided above, DSEREX Audit Tool provides guidance as well as actions and recommendations to rectify and satisfy any compliance non-conformities identified from DSEREX ATEX & DSEAR audit study conducted. The audit results are provided in a concise audit report which provides individual subject element and overall audit scores, as well as list of high-level actions and recommendations to improve the scores to an acceptable level for the client and the risk profile of the business.

DSEREX  Audit Tool can be delivered either by conducting a site visit or by conducted it as a structured desk study remotely.

HAZOP.EU keeps its DSEREX Audit tool up to date and relevant using our internal continuous improvement process. This makes sure that HAZOP.EU provides clients with the most correct and up-to-date audit assessment of their processes, facilities, and operations against the current and explosive atmosphere legislation applicable in their operational region or country.

As an add-on, HAZOP.EU has also developed an in-depth Basis of Safety Checklist, which can be used in conjunction with our ATEX & DSEAR (DSEREX) Audit Tool to provide clients with an understanding of which Basis of Safety elements they are using, in both active and passive forms, as well as missing or incomplete elements that need to be implemented, strengthened or improved.

[1] EU ATmosphere EXplosible – ATEX 153 (Previously 137) “Worker Protection Directive” (99/92/EC)

[2] UK Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmosphere 2002 Regulations (DSEAR).