Expansion of the Tablet PC Portfolio for Hazardous Areas

The extremely robust devices are splashproof and can withstand extreme temperatures. Equipped with a display that is readable in direct sunlight and a powerful quad-core processor, they allow for fast work with the latest applications, offer numerous configuration options for corporate use and have an extremely long standby time. This can be extended even further by the replaceable battery, which ensures uninterrupted field work. In addition, the devices have NFC, Bluetooth 3.0 and two powerful cameras. The Lumen X4 may also be also equipped with an optional high-performance scanner for bar code scanning with a 1D/2D imager or for the detection of RFID HF tags.

Orbit X – Remote Inspection and Video Conferences in Hazardous Areas

The rugged, intrinsically safe Wi-Fi camera Orbit X developed by BARTEC PIXAVI makes mobile work safer and more efficient. Certified to CSA, IECEx and ATEX Zone 1, it allows flexible and efficient working, improved work flows and quick, precise decisions in the field.

Orbit X works just as well as a helmet, inspection or surveillance camera. It is easy to operate and is suitable for use as both a stand-alone solution and as part of a network. Two integrated LEDs, a built-in laser pointer and optional accessories like headsets, wall brackets or telescopic rods expand the operating area of this high-tech solution to cover even dark and difficult to access areas. Alongside ad-hoc meetings and trouble-shooting with remotely linked experts, the tested usages also cover live streaming and CCTV applications, as well as video recordings for inspection or training. As well as the direct Wi-Fi connection to the network, the camera can also be coupled with the Impact X for a mobile connection (smartphone pairing).

The Android-based Wi-Fi camera stands out thanks to its ultra-clear, intense 8 megapixel color images and 1080p videos, which can be saved locally on the device or streamed wirelessly in high quality. The SIPIDO Mobile Telepresence app, included as standard, supports SIP-capable video conference systems and applications, as well as browser-based real-time communication via web- RTC. All of the settings required for these functions, whether video, Wi-Fi or SIPIDO, can be made easily and comfortably using the Collaboration X management tool from BARTEC PIXAVI.


BARTEC and eVision Enter into Global Partnership

In a clear push towards mobile innovation, BARTEC and eVision are proud to announce a global agreement for the delivery of rugged, intrinsically safe devices. This partnership ensures worldwide distribution and support of eVision’s suite of mobile Control of Work applications on BARTEC’s explosion-proof mobile devices.

During daily operations, equipment dependability is a priority. BARTEC’s flexible and powerful ATEX-compliant devices offer the perfect gateway to eVision’s advanced front line Control of Work tools, enabling personnel to work faster, safer, and with more situational awareness.

“Partnering with BARTEC is the ideal next step towards the mobile future. This synergy between software and hardware provides the front line workforce with the tools they require to further improve daily maintenance”, says Ton Geelen, eVision’s Chief Commercial Officer. “We look forward to jointly innovating in this highly impactful area within Control of Work.”

BARTEC’s rugged Android devices will support eVision’s supplementary Control of Work applications, enabling users to, for example, verify isolations on-site, perform gas measurements, and bring permits live. eVision’s application suite makes full use of BARTEC’s advanced technology, including Barcode and RFID scanning, resulting in shorter work processes and increased hands-on tool time.

“Through the cooperation with partners like eVision, we set new standards for enterprise mobility in hazardous areas. The smart combination of state-of-the-art hardware and innovative software provides the operators with a solution making the daily work safer, more efficient and easier to handle”, confirms Nader Halmuschi, Vice President Automation & Communication Systems at BARTEC. “Any hardware is only as good as the software running on the device but a software can only work well if the used devices meet all relevant safety requirements. Therefore, BARTEC and eVision are the perfect match: Together we make the world a safer place!”

New Fast Boiling Point Process Analyzer Launches in California

BARTEC BENKE recently displayed ist new rapiDist-4 Analyzer at the ISA Analysis Division’s 62nd Annual Meeting in Pasadena which took place on 23-27 April. This analyzer’s launch was very well received in Pasadena and is expected to be highly sought after across the globe.

The rapiDist-4 offers rapid, reliable and accurate boiling point measurements to allow for fast process control of atmospheric distillation columns and blending processes for all types of middle distillates and f

eedstock for petrochemical processing (naphtha), jet fuels, fuel oils, diesel fuels and similar petroleum products and liquid hydrocarbons.

The rapiDist-4 is capable of taking measurements from IBP to FBP, programming the analyzer is relatively simple and the results will correlate with ASTM D86. rapiDist-4 offers an ASTM D86 conform validation, which is optional. The cycle time is only 10 to 15 minutes (for diesel 10 minutes). The core components of this unit, such as the dosing unit, vaporiser, condenser and receiver, also meet the design specifications set out by ASTM D86.

The analyzer incorporates integrated diagnostic and maintenance features, which include an automatic decoking devise and remote access. rapiDist-4 also features a non-contact and very robust optical level measurement for the dosing and receiver unit.

The highly robust rapiDist-4 is certified to operate in hazardous areas under ATEX, IECEx, CSA C/US, TRCU, among others on request.