Flammable & Toxic Gas Dispersion evaluation


ADH Risk Ltd, has created and developed its own gas dispersion Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) model to provide and deliver physically accurate and costs effective gas dispersion analysis services to its clients. SRAUTAS CFD by ADH Risk Ltd has been used for over a decade for safety, environmental and security impact scenario analysis and support.

SRAUTAS CFD dispersion model has been used and validated against urban and industrial dispersion experimental test data as well as other software codes including integral models. SRAUTAS CFD can and has been used to help industrial companies and organisations analysis and understand their MAH scenarios and confirm whether their gas detector sensors or arrays are located in acceptable locations for protecting people from flammable, toxic, chemical, biological and radiological threats onsite and offsite.

SRAUTAS CFD can also be used to determine alternative risk reduction measures and safeguards, whether it be for Fire and Gas (F&G) mapping, or implementing baffle, turbulence or redirecting/mitigation devices etc.


Flamable gas dispersion      Explosive gas dispersion   gas dispersion

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